Red Squirrels in South Scotland

How You Can Help

Threats to red squirrel survival include competition for food and habitat with the introduced grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis), but the biggest problem that they now face in the south of Scotland is the deadly Squirrelpox virus which is carried by grey squirrels moving north from England.

 Young red squirrel on forest floor

Report Squirrel Sightings

Squirrel monitoring programmes help us to collect information on the distribution of red and grey squirrels in south Scotland, allowing us to identify areas of importance where habitat management or grey squirrel control will benefit red squirrel populations. 


Control Grey Squirrels

  1. The grey squirrel control program helps us to reduce the numbers of grey squirrels in south Scotland that are competing with red squirrels for food and acting as carriers of the deadly Squirrelpox virus.  If you would like to help protect red squirrels you can join our Trap Loan Scheme.    


SRDP Funding

Applications for the Scottish Rural Development Program (SRDP) have now closed and a new scheme will be announced in 2014. If you would like more information about the current SRDP scheme you may visit the Scottish Government website by clicking on this link.

‘If the public and private sector can pull together, if enough of us care, together we can save one of Scotland and the UK’s most charismatic mammals – our red squirrel.’

Click here to report a squirrel sighting.
Please note this link will open a new window which will take you to the Scottish Wildlife Trust website where you can record your squirrel sightings.


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